"People4Soil" was an initiative that promotes the protection of soil and fights against enivronmental pollution and soil erosion. Over the last 50 years an area the size of Hungary has been covered with concrete for industry and human settlement. Furthermore, over 250,000 sites are chemically contaminated and almost half of agricultural soil is threated by the depletion of Humus, with millions of hectares also being damaged by wind and rain erosion. The ECI for "People4Soil" was completed on 21 September 2017 and was able to collect 71,877 valid signatures. "People4Soil" represented an important initiative as soil is vital to all living creatures, be it humans or biodiversity. 

WeMove Europe gGmbH assisted the project by taking care of the online collection of signatures for the petition. A server of WeMove Europe gGmbH was used and it took responsibility for ensuring that the collection of signatures through the petition software (OPENECI) was recognized as legitimate.