Rethink packaging

As a follow-up of last year’s campaign Act now: single-use plastics ban under threat, we started a new petition in June 2021, calling on the European Union to go beyond banning single-use plastics and transition all of the European Union to reusable systems.

Together with expert partners on plastics, WeMove Europe gGmbH is promoting the most environmentally friendly way we can deal with waste. “Choose reuse”, motto of this campaign, consists in replacing all single-use plastics with reusable systems, including the collection, cleaning and reusing of packaging. So far, this petition counts 96,360 signatures from all over Europe.

In November 2021, to get exposure for the campaign and attention from European decisionmakers, we decided to run advertisements in the Brussels metro. In strategic locations, we featured stories of what Europe would look like if we had strong reusable systems, applied for example to restaurants or bottle deliveries. On that occasion, Anna Cavazzini, member of the European parliament, came with WeMove to view the ads and committed to push for voting for strong reusable systems.

The review of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive is expected in summer/autumn 2022. Reducing waste and the amount of harmful substances it contains represents a major contribution to environmental protection, one of our charitable purposes. We will continue to follow developments and look for opportunities to escalate the campaign.