Citizens Assemblies

A Citizen Assembly is a democratic tool in which randomly selected ordinary citizens (as opposed to stakeholders or experts) come together to discuss a specific political issue in a structured way. WeMove Europe gGmbH looked into the concept of Citizens Assemblies for the first time in 2016, conducting an international cross-border citizens assemblies project in cooperation with the University of Liverpool, and are since 2021 involved with the Climate Citizens' Assembly in Spain. This work aligns with our goal of empowering citizens to achieve a transformative democracy that meets the needs of the present and the future. Today we know that traditional representative democracy, subject to a polarising party logic, has consistently proved incapable of managing and unlocking decisions on problems as complex as the climate and ecological crisis. This is due to the short-term nature of the parliamentary system, the difficulties it encounters in implementing the emergency policies we need, the corporate interests behind political decisions, and erratic citizen governance at sub-state, national and supra-state levels.